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Name:Amat Omnes Applications Community
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appomnes Guidelines

The app team uses this community in the evaluating and voting process every application round.

Decisions are made when two matching votes by different app team members are reached for any single application.

An application can receive one of three possible votes:
Accept: A vote of accept means the app team member felt the application addressed all the required sections suitably and showed strong and clear understanding of the character and its unique voice.

Decline: A vote of decline is usually given when an application team member finds more than three sections of the application would require extensive revisions.

Revise: A vote of revise occurs when the app was overall sufficient but there were minor issues in no more than three sections of an application, that, if addressed properly, would have led that member to vote accept. If two such votes are received, a revision request will be sent to the applicant.

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